A Cupcake Christmas

I know it’s October, but the shops have gone Christmas crazy and so must I! It’s a confusing month, with ghouls, ghosts, Christmas trees and snowmen dominating my mind. Be warned, this post might put you in the festive spirit, if you can’t deal with it yet, scroll down and have a look at the Halloween post instead!

I have created a cupcake winterland this year, the main centre piece is a Christmas Tree Giant Cupcake complete with mini candy cane and bauble decorations. It’s surrounded with mini cupcake presents and snowmen. Perfect for your family Christmas, the cake can be vanilla or chocolate and is something everyone will enjoy (I know there are some fruit cake haters out there!) I also works as a fantastic Christmas gift, and can be delivered in time for Christmas (in the North East of England). Take a peek at them below…

The mini cupcakes can be bought separately in boxes on 12 and 24 for a cute gift.

We also have Christmas Tree Cupcakes on offer, which have a chocolate sponge and a vanilla top. If that’s not enough then Mr Frosty – our super Christmas cupcake will be for you. He’s made up of a vanilla cupcake base with a white choc cake pop head, all covered in coconut. He even has chocolate arms! I then got a bit carried away and made some Christmas scenes with all my creations…

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