More Tea?

Afternoon Cupcakes

So recently I have been eating my own weight in scones… Afternoon tea is my new big thing. Lovely little treats on pretty stands and plates is all I have been dreaming about. After making an afternoon tea for my friends to enjoy on my birthday, I began to think this would be a great service to offer to other people (because it is a bit of a faff to put together!)… and so Baked Afternoon Tea Service was born!

Baked Afternoon Tea
Fruit scone, cupcake and finger sandwich from out Afternoon Tea selection.

Baked has two spreads on offer with a minimum of 6 servings per order (that doesn’t mean to say you have to have 6 people eat it!). From finger sandwiches to macaroons and our delicious cupcakes of course, it is sure to go down a treat with friends and family. So whether it’s a girls night in or a family celebration – Afternoon tea is definitely the way to go

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Baked Afternoon Tea Menu
There are two spreads on offer the ‘Dainty Spread’ and the ‘Splendid Spread’. You can choose to hire our beautiful, pink polka dot tea set and stands from just £18.00.

If you choose to hire our tea set then don’t worry about the washing up – we come and take all your jam covered dishes away!

Bake Afternoon Tea Spread
Afternoon tea served on our pretty pink polka dot tea set.
Baked Afternoon Tea
Pink macaroon, strawberry, cupcake and finger sandwich.
Afternoon Tea set
Pretty in pink
Baked Afternoon Tea Spread
What better way to spend the afternoon?

Baked Afternoon Tea Stand

Cupcake 99 Cones!

Cupcake 99 Cone

Cupcake 99 ConeCucpake 99 Cones have landed at Baked.! Wafer cones are filled with soft sponge, topped with a buttercream swirl, sugar strands and a Cadbury Flake. I had so much fun making this treat and it has a habit of getting people excited! It did take a couple of attempts to get the sponge inside just right (a low oven temperature is the key, otherwise it turns into a Cupcake volcano!) They would be amazing at a childrens party, but let’s not leave the grown ups out who will be just as giddy about them. They would be a bit of a show stopper at a wedding too…